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  • A Rock and a Hard Place

    We want nothing more than to ensure the safety of our pets. However, we also have a responsibility to keep our yard maintained and healthy which often requires the use of pesticides and herbicides. So, how do we manage to do both?

    Beware – Talk is Cheap

    I have spoken to several different lawn treatment companies. I attempt to have a real conversation with their representative about pesticides and herbicides while explaining my experience losing Max as a result of his exposure to these chemicals. They are ALL very quick to assure me that they use only organic products. Hmmmmm? To me, this is very suspicious. Also, sometimes it is near impossible to find clear answers on a company website in regard to the products they use. One challenge which is nearly impossible to overcome; Some dangerous chemicals are not required to be disclosed per government guidelines. It leaves you wondering what you area REALLY dealing with.

    My Dilemma

    Right now, I am the talk of the neighborhood. My yard is a horrific site and, any day now, I expect to have a grumpy letter delivered to me by our Home Owner’s Association demanding I get my yard in order. I have refused to use chemicals on my yard. The result, nearly my entire landscape is diseased, dead, and absolutely overgrown. It is an embarrassing situation and I realize I can no longer deny treatments for my yard. Which means my West Highland White Terrier, Chance will be exposed to dangerous chemicals.

    My Solution

    I was not informed in regard to dangers posed our pets when dealing with herbicides and pesticides prior to Max’s diagnosis of Transitional Cell Carcinoma in 2009. I simply trusted the company that came to my home every month (yes, that company, the one with the giant smiling dog on the side of their truck) when they told me their chemicals were perfectly safe for my dog. Now, I am being told the same thing by every company I call.

    Regardless of what I am told by the various companies regarding their chemicals,  I will keep my dogs off of a treated yard for no less than 24-hours and ensure the yard has either been watered or has had a decent rain. Why? The chemicals need time to be absorbed into the ground and any residue washed away. Also, because it requires specific chemicals to keep crawling grasses from taking over landscape beds, shrubs, trees, and whatever else – I will make sure my dogs have zero access to any treated beds.


    If you have any suggestions that can help keep our pets safe from herbicides and pesticides, please comment and share.


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